A little springspiration

Spring is officially here! Let’s welcome it with open arms! Let’s enjoy that extra ray of sunshine, that extra layer of clothing that we don’t need anymore and… Bring out those pumps! I have officially become Advertisements

10 Best DIY’s for Marble Contact Paper

  I have a new best friend. We’ ve known each other for some time now, but we haven’t always been on the same page. I wasn’t always a fan of the way he looked, so much so that I couldn’t really see who

Work Spaces/ Fun Places

Like everybody else in the world, I’m starting a small company. It’s something where I can get my creative juices flowing. Something that I would really really like to share, but not before everything is all set up. And while setting things up,

Tips to keep your home tidy and clean

There were many time times that I have been called out to be a neat-freak, with the epmphasis on freak. I don’t think I am, honestly. But I do think that because my brain is a total mess, I need everything else to be clutter-free. Ok, I might be neat-freakish. But I don’t actually like…

20 Reading Nooks

As you maybe read in my earlier post  I’m the queen of 5 minutes late. Apparently I’m also the queen of 5 months late, since I’m starting a new years resolution in May…. From now on