A Random Day in Amsterdam

So this Saturday, we decided to combine a little exercise with a little sightseeing. I decided I really wanted to go to Bakers&Roasters  again; I’ve had lunch there the day before. So to make sure all the calories eaten wouldn’t come on, we decided to walk, which is about an hour. So we did. The weather was fantastic! Last…

Oh hey…

Bet you thought I fell off a cliff somewhere chasing a Pokémon or something… Nope still alive. Well I did take a break and worked a little on the site. So what do you think of the new look? Also…

A little springspiration

Spring is officially here! Let’s welcome it with open arms! Let’s enjoy that extra ray of sunshine, that extra layer of clothing that we don’t need anymore and… Bring out those pumps! I have officially become

This Make-up Artists skills are the s%#t !

Laura Jenkinson is capable of some next level stuff. She’s a London based make-up artist that uses her lips to create the most magical little pictures of cartoon characters. Just scroll down and be amazed by her skills…. (You can follow her here on Facebook or on Instagram here)

100 Days of Happiness

We’re still at the beginning of the year and you’ve probably already broken some of the resolution you’ve made. Some started smoking again, others only had 1 yoga class instead of 4 (ahum…me… and someone else whom I shall not name..you know who you are) But I’m not giving up on resolutions or challenges. So …

25 Places you need to visit

Verdon Gorge, France   These places walked out of my dreams and strangely became real places that you can visit. These are going to be added to my bucketlist, next to the cow milking thing (that’s right)

The Mother of all Lists

I’m keeping a list. Actually I’m lying. As we speak I’m keeping at least a 9658 lists. There’s your grocery list, your movie list, your fun things to do list, your restaurant list, your ideas list, your list of things to make lists for list…Still following? But what’s a collection of lists, without the mother of all lists? The bucketlist? Luckily,…

10 Ways to avoid the winter blues

1. Clean and organize your house. It will help you stay calm and serene. 2. Get some flowers. Who doesn’t love flowers? It also means that you’re taking care of yourself, when you gift yourself someting, like flowers. 3.Light candles all over the house. Can’t be sad with candles.

Your Guide to Le Mans

We went on holiday.  A roadtrip to be exact. It was actually 5 citytrips in 3 weeks. Le Mans was our first stop. The holiday started: yeah!

I wish…

To be or not to be…Those famous words by William Shakespeare were supposed to let us know that Hamlet was a thinker and not just a person that

The Hidden Art of Procrastination

  Hi, my name is -I’ll tell you later- and I’m a procrastinator. Today I will show you how to put the pro in procrastining. First things first