8 Things to do everyday to keep your home clean

There were many time times that I have been called out to be a neat-freak, with the epmphasis on freak. I don’t think I am, honestly. But I do think that because my brain is a total mess, I need everything else to be clutter-free. Ok, I might be neat-freakish. But I don’t actually like to clean and to keep everything tidy Always and forever, there are small things you can do everyday to keep it that way.

  1. Morning: Make your bed as you wake up
  2. Morning: Wipe sinks after use
  3. Morning: Leave the house as you would like to find it
  4. Evening:  Clean out your bag/ pockets daily when you come home (throw away receipts, candywrappers, etc.)
  5. Evening: Do the dishes, wipe coutertop
  6. Evening: Pick up clutter for 15 minutes
  7. Evening: Do a quick swiffer check
  8. Evening: Never go to bed with a dirty kitchen


  • Have a good spot to put your wallet/ keys as soon as you walk in the door
  • Always put things back where they should
  • Open your mail where you can throw it out

I’m working on other lists to get you and me  more oganized, but hopefully this will help you on the way keep your home tidy!