3 Holiday Nail Looks

Holiday Nailpolish Inspiration

Nail Tip

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a thing with nailpolish, at least from the age of 14… I of course had the French manicure going on, that was the shit back then 😉 After that I was really really intocolors . I layed out my clothes the night before and I coördinated with my…

What to eat for healthier hair

Bouncy, thick and shiny. That’s how we think it should be: healthy hair. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with the kind of hair that no matter what,looks like the picture of health. I mean hello Lucy Liu, Lauren Conrad, Halle Berry, Isla Fisher, Aishwarya Rai and of course Shakira…..

21 Classy Winter Office Outfits

Winter is almost here! Not the calendar winter, but the  feel-it-through-your-stylish-but-not-that-warm-coat-winter. Bring forth the faux fur and the fugly boots. Being all wrapped up and warm, didn’t always that classy to me. But sometimes being warm is more important than being chic and classy. This opinion came with not being a teenager anymore. I used to not give…

Obsessed with…Dita von Teese

As you might have read before in my previous post  I’m a fan of that era where men were men and women were real ladies. That might be an era long lost, some people are committing for 200% to that style. One of those people is Dita von Teese. If you have never heard of…

Best Halloween Costumes

As you might know, or read, I live in Amsterdam, that’s in Holland by the way, not the other way around (just a little dig to all those geographically challenged people out there). We don’t celebrate Halloween here. There is an equivalent to it, but it’s called

Obsessed with….halfmoon nails

Absolutely obsessed with the halfmoon nail thing. It’s been around since the fourties and has been used by the glamorous stars of that era. I’ve always been facinated by

50 Classy Office Looks

Let’s start by saying that I’m a summer person. Born in the summery heat of North- Africa; it must be in my blood. I love to see the first rays of sunshine, but only consider it a warm day unless it’s at least 25C, unlike most Dutch people who,