Leblebi: The Tastiest & Cheapest Dinner

Leblebi. Say it with me now: Lab-la-bi. Say it again, but faster: Leblebileblebileblebilelebi But what is it , you ask? Well It’s only the most delicious meal you have ever layed eyes on. It’s one of the cheapest too. Growing up, this was my favourite meal, which probably made me the best kid ever since it was very very cheap…

25 Places you need to visit

These places walked out of my dreams and strangely became real places that you can visit. These are going to be added to my bucketlist, next to the cow milking thing (that’s right)

Brik: The best of Tunisian food

If you’ve ever heard of Tunisia, then you’ve probably heard of Brik. It’s one of the best things invented, ever… Ok. I might be bias, but still, try it for your self. It’s tasty and full of flavour, light and still fulfilling,  and once you’ve