5 Things to put LESS focus on when planning your wedding

Here are 5 things of which I think you could put less focus on when planning your wedding.

10 Things Every Relaxed Bride Does

So this July I got married; woohoo! (read here all about our engagement) It truly was one of the happiest days of my life. I felt so happy, relaxed and completely in the moment. I really worked towards trying to be relaxed on our wedding day, but I really never thought I’d be that relaxed….

The 100 Happy Days Challenge

So, remember when I said I would start the #100happydays challenge? (see here)  Well, I didn´t make the challenge. I didn´t even make half the challenge. I already quit on the 23rd day…#loseralert I guess I was afraid thatpeople thought that food was the only thing that made me happy. Definately not the ONLY thing,…