Madam @ Amsterdam North

My review on Madam @Amsterdam North


Bleu @ Amsterdam Center

The Food You will not be dissapointed. We’ve had dinner here twice now and both times were wonderful. The tastes are well balanced and everything we had was delicious! <!–more–> The Decor The brasserie is small and cozy yet classy and stylish. We liked the retro and modern feel of the colors and we particularly…

Comptoir Libanais @ Utrecht

The Food I mean…what’s not to like about Lebanese food done right? The presentation was really nice, the products were definately fresh and the taste was exactly as it should be: Perfect!

15 Tips for a Stressfree Dinner Party

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a friends dinner party and I had such a great time, so I decided to have more dinner parties and to not be so stressed out about it (not everything has to be perfect) I think the reason that people have less and less dinnerparties (in Amsterdam)…

20 Little things I do on a daily basis to keep my home organized

  I like lists. Everybody that knows me, knows that. On a random day I will have grocery lists, outfit lists, meal prep lists, restaurants and cafe’s to visit and of course I have a bucket list (see here). The main reason for all these lists is because I have a very chaotic mind and…

The Matcha Bar @ Amsterdam (Albert Cuyp)

As you may know, I’m mildly obsessed with matcha (read here and here). So when I heard about The Matcha Bar opening up in Amsterdam, guess who showed up? The Food Like the name says; everything in here is about matcha. Think, matcha cookies, matcha latte, matcha tea, matcha cake… There aren’t any lunch options;…

December is for Decorating

Winter is here and according to the weather forecast, it’s even going to snow this Sunday (in Holland) Can’t wait! My favourite part of this time of year are all the tiny lights everywhere you look and the fact that you don’t need an excuse to make your home cosy as a

HET WARENHUIS @ Haarlemmerbuurt, Amsterdam

Getting up early on the weekend is soooooo hard and has never been my strong suit. But I honestly do like the feeling of getting stuff done in the weekends. So to make it less difficult to get up early we have decided to have an incentive. And since I love experiencing new things and…