Top 20 Things You Need To Know Before Traveling To Japan

Remember when I posted about the 25 places you needed to visit? (click here to see post) Since then I was lucky enough to check one item of my bucketlist (click here to see post).  Sooo… we went to japan for our honeymoon! (Remember when he asked last year? See here) I had already long been in…


After our little shark adventure, those of you that read my blog, know that this was high on my bucketlist (find out what else is on my bucketlist here), it was better than the first time (yes, we went twice 🙂 ) Anyway, after a very early morning, we went to Delft; such an old…

A Random Day in Amsterdam

So this Saturday, we decided to combine a little exercise with a little sightseeing. I decided I really wanted to go to Bakers&Roasters  again; I’ve had lunch there the day before. So to make sure all the calories eaten wouldn’t come on, we decided to walk, which is about an hour. So we did. The weather was fantastic! Last…

The Best of Gorge du Verdon @France

  One of my favourite destinations this year was the Gorge du Verdon. It’s a large national park in the south of France and has been called the European Grand Canyon. There are many activities you can do there, like canoeing or paragliding. But for all these activities there’s a pretty long waiting list of…

25 Places you need to visit

These places walked out of my dreams and strangely became real places that you can visit. These are going to be added to my bucketlist, next to the cow milking thing (that’s right)

27 Chic Gift Wrapping Ideas

Wow, it’s december…How did that happen? I just got used to saying 2015 and now I have to start saying 2016. Maybe if 

Your Guide to Le Mans

We went on holiday.  A roadtrip to be exact. It was actually 5 citytrips in 3 weeks. Le Mans was our first stop. The holiday started: yeah!