The 100 Happy Days Challenge

So, remember when I said I would start the #100happydays challenge? (see here)  Well, I didn´t make the challenge. I didn´t even make half the challenge. I already quit on the 23rd day…#loseralert I guess I was afraid thatpeople thought that food was the only thing that made me happy. Definately not the ONLY thing,…

Oh hey…

Bet you thought I fell off a cliff somewhere chasing a Pokémon or something… Nope still alive. Well I did take a break and worked a little on the site. So what do you think of the new look? Also… I got ENGAGED! He did everything right. Thank you for calling my father first, for…

27 Chic Gift Wrapping Ideas

Wow, it’s december…How did that happen? I just got used to saying 2015 and now I have to start saying 2016. Maybe if 

Best Halloween Costumes

As you might know, or read, I live in Amsterdam, that’s in Holland by the way, not the other way around (just a little dig to all those geographically challenged people out there). We don’t celebrate Halloween here. There is an equivalent to it, but it’s called

The other white powder

For those of us not familiar with this little wonder product: It can do pretty much anything except for raise your kids. It’s supposed to be used when baking, hence the name. But several people have discovered