After our little shark adventure, those of you that read my blog, know that this was high on my bucketlist (find out what else is on my bucketlist here), it was better than the first time (yes, we went twice ūüôā ) Anyway, after a very early morning, we went to Delft; such an old…

A Random Day in Amsterdam

So this Saturday, we decided to combine a little¬†exercise¬†with a little¬†sightseeing. I decided I really wanted to go to Bakers&Roasters¬†¬†again; I’ve had lunch there the day before. So to make sure all the calories eaten wouldn’t come on, we decided to walk, which is about an hour. So we did. The weather was fantastic! Last…

The Best of Gorge du Verdon @France

¬† One of my favourite destinations this year was the Gorge du Verdon. It’s a large national park in the south of France and has been called the European Grand Canyon. There are many activities you can do there, like canoeing or paragliding. But for all these activities there’s a pretty long waiting list of…

Obsessed with… this Milk Frother

Attention all latte lovers: I have that which will make your life more complete…… The perfect milk frother! Because what’s a latte without creamy¬†milk that makes you think of what¬†you thought clouds were as a kid (or was it just me?)

Overnight Chia Raspberry Pudding

If you’re like me and always looking for ways to¬†stay longer in bed and have breakfast anyway; the make-ahead- breakfast must be your thang! For the non-morning person like we are, yes I’m assuming you

25 Places you need to visit

These places walked out of my dreams and strangely became real places that you can visit. These are going to be added¬†to my bucketlist, next to the cow milking thing¬†(that’s right)

Brik: The best of Tunisian food

If you’ve ever heard of Tunisia, then you’ve probably heard of Brik. It’s one of the best things invented, ever… Ok. I might be bias, but still, try it for your self. It’s tasty and full of flavour, light and still fulfilling,¬† and once you’ve

Home Work Space Inspiration

Like everybody else in the world, I have a blog. It’s something where I can get my creative juices flowing and dump everything I like on your feed. And while doing all that, I need a really inspirational- fantastic- -looking workspace where I can get busy like a pro and where I can pretend that…

The Mother of all Lists

I’m keeping¬†a list. Actually I’m lying. As we speak I’m keeping at least a 9658 lists. There’s your¬†grocery list, your movie list, your fun things to do¬†list, your restaurant list, your ideas list,¬†your list of things to make lists for list…Still following? But what’s a collection of lists, without the mother of all lists?¬†The¬†bucketlist? Luckily,…

Easy Quinoa Wraps

  Sometimes, not being fully prepared can lead to good things. It’s the times that when I have to be creative that I come up with great ideas, like this

How to start your mornings right

You might have read before that I am not really a morning person. I’d like to be, but I’m not. I probably fall in the category afternoon person. Does that exist? I do like to be up in the mornings though, once I’m up. The moment before the getting up part is horrible to me….

My easy recipe for healthy date snacks

A little over a month ago¬†I threw a little housewarming. The house was already warm since¬†I had already moved in months before, but still. I actually never throw parties, it’s such a hassel sometimes. Also, the attention; not really a fan…Still, I threw one and I enjoyed it. So I decided to make it really…