Madam @ Amsterdam North

The Food

Madam @ Amsterdam North

Madam @ Amsterdam North

Madam @ Amsterdam North

The food tasted as good as it looked. The different spices and tastes were well balanced and worked very well together.

The Decor

Madam @ Amsterdam North

The decor in itself is nothing special honestly; it looks really nice and put together, put it’s something that you can easily find elsewhere.

The views though… now that is something special. I took a few pictures but it honestly really doesn’t do it justice; you’ll have to see it for yourself

Madam @ Amsterdam North

And there’s this… something that resemles the Moon Door (#GOT #Game of thrones) and it actually is very scary to stand there on that glass

Madam @ Amsterdam North


The Service

Madam @ Amsterdam North

Friendly & polite


please make sure to make a reservation.

Also; in the evening there’s a DJ which make it a little more special when you have dinner here.


I’d love to here what your thoughts are on this place!



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