12 Tips for traveling light (and still look cute)

All my life I have tried to be one of those light travelers ; Tried & failed. Last fall and for the first time ever, I have finally succeeded (somewhat)!

I was traveling for my honeymoon to Japan (from Amsterdam, read here  more about that) and since that was in September- October I was unsure about the weather and what to pack which made it even more difficult. I was also going for almost 3 weeks and since it was our honeymoon, I wanted to look cute 😉 In my head that meant; bring your closet and leave nothing behind!

So, how did I manage to travel with 14 kg when I usually travel with around 20 kg? Now, I am aware that when people talk about traveling light, they usually speak about just hand luggage. How nice would that be? But to be honest, except if you’ re re-wearing 3 outfits in 3 weeks, that might not be possible (in my humble opinion)

Long story short, here are my tips for traveling light, while still being your fabulous self!

1.Bring your toiletries in small travel size bottles

I know the packaging of some of these toiletries are really cute and everything, but they come sometimes in glass and/ or large bottles which make them heavy. I usually just put them in very simple clear plastic bottles (And I label them using washi tape)

2. Be very very strict with shoes

Think about the kind of traveling you’ re doing. Are you doing a lot of sightseeing? Are you chillin’ by the beach? Are you going hiking? So for our trip to Japan, I was well aware that I was going to a stylish country ( I mean who doesn’t know about the Japanese fashion?) but we were also planning on doing a lot of sightseeing. So in the end I brought 4 pairs: 1 pair of off-white sneakers, 1 pair of grey and comfortable ballerinas, 1 pair of nude flip flops and 1 pair of multi colored heels (I did not wear the latter…)

3. When packing, think about the weight of some clothes

Some are heavier than others,  so think about the fabric.

4. Make combinations before packing (&take pictures)

This one I actually learned from Kim Kardashian 🙂 She is used to packing a suitcase with pictures of the outfit combinations that she brought with her. I found this tip very helpful because that way you can pack your outfits when you feel inspired and when you’ re tired while travelling you could just choose something that you already thought of. I actually used this trick once on my mom, which was a great success.

5. Only bring clothes you don’t have to iron

This just makes your life a little easier and these clothes are usually made of light fabrics, which also saves space.

6. Stick to a color palette

This will make sure you can easily combine the items that you brought. Then add a touch of color with a few lightweight accessories (earrings, scarves, lipsticks, etc.)

7. Keep your jewelry simple

I used to bring a lot of statement necklaces (big ones) but these weigh a lot. I now stick to a couple of light necklaces and more earrings.

8. Layer Layer Layer

Pack layers. This way you’ll have outfits for warm and cold days

9. Pack items that you can combine into at least 3 outfits

Can you only use it for 2? Leave at home! This of course doesn’t count for dresses. But still check if the shoes you bring go with the dresses you brought (or the other way around)

10. Fold clothes, then roll them

This is a tested way of saving space. It also makes sure your clothes won’t crease that much.

11. Bring Wash Soap

This one was a life saver. I didn’t bring as much  undergarments as I normally would, but I just made sure to do a small wash every 2 days. And since I brought mostly synthetic garments, they dried really fast.

12. Wear your bulckiest items 

Wear whatever you can. Think boots, coats, shawls (perfect on planes) remember: wearing is not carrying

What are YOUR travel tips? Please share!