5 Things to put LESS focus on when planning your wedding

So since hindsight is 20-20 and I’d like to help a fellow bride out. Here is my advice on where not to focus on, when planning your wedding.

  1. Wedding invitations. This may seem odd because it’s the first thing people see that has anything to do with your wedding. It sets the tone for the whole shabang. I’m not saying you shouldn’t put any effort in this, I’m just saying; except for you and your momma, errbody is going to throw it away immediately
  2. Save the date; it’s ok to send an online save the date which is cheaper and you can be just as creative
  3. Giveaways. Why? Guests don’t really give a f*&# what they get, as long as you give them something. This is litterally and figuratively speaking an afterthought. So don’t waist too much time or money on this.
  4. The small details. There’s a difference between details (whick do make the whole thing work) and small details. Ask yourself; Will you be less happy if that that was different or not included?
  5. Trying to make errbody happy. You will NEVER achieve this goal. There will always, I repeat ALWAYS, be somebody that will put a negative spin on your day. Either before or after. And that’s allright; it’s not their day, it is yours!


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Last but not least; don’t forget to have fun !