Comptoir Libanais @ Utrecht

The Food

Comptoir Libanais @ Utrecht

I mean…what’s not to like about Lebanese food done right? The presentation was really nice, the products were definately fresh and the taste was exactly as it should be: Perfect!

Comptoir Libanais @ Utrecht

A little sidenote; our coffee was a bit cold.

The Decor

Comptoir Libanais @ Utrecht

When you first come in, there’s the terrace on the outside and the small space inside and you think that’s it. But don’t be fooled; there’s a whole different space just around the corner.

Comptoir Libanais @ Utrecht

The decor at Comptoir Libanais is in two words; Colorful & funny! It mixes a lot of typical details from various Arabic countries with of course mostly Lebanese details. It’s basically a colorful little world you really don’t want to leave.

Comptoir Libanais @ Utrecht

We were completely in love with the golden table & the portraits of famous people with a tarbouch!

Comptoir Libanais @ Utrecht

The Service

Comptoir Libanais @ Utrecht

Nice young and helpful servers though they were a bit slow at times; maybe because we were seated in the corner and it was busy, but it did take a while for them to come to our table.

That being said, if you’re looking to go somewhere this weekend and dream away for a bit; THIS is your place!

What are YOUR weekend plans?


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