The Matcha Bar @ Amsterdam (Albert Cuyp)

As you may know, I’m mildly obsessed with matcha (read here and here). So when I heard about The Matcha Bar opening up in Amsterdam, guess who showed up?

The Food

Like the name says; everything in here is about matcha. Think, matcha cookies, matcha latte, matcha tea, matcha cake… There aren’t any lunch options; just sweets & drinks. I have to say; the matcha latte I’ve had here, tasted almost exactly like most matcha lattes I’ve

had in Japan. So that’s definate plus in my book. The matcha cookies aren’t bad either.

The Decor The Matcha Bar @ Amsterdam (Albert Cuyp

The decor is inspired by that cutesy Japanese vibe of very soft colors like baby pink and baby blue. Since there weren’t a lot of seating areas, this is mostly a take out place. Too bad, because there was more than enough room for extra chairs and tables. Maybe that was because they just opened?

The Service

The staff is friendly and helpful.

Have you ever been to The Matcha Bar? Let me know what you thought in the comment section below!