My Top 5 Most Popular Posts of 2017

2017 Was a year of highs for me.. No not that kind of high 😉

It’s the year that I got married to the most wonderful man ever (Really!), the year that I started a new job, the year that I finally decided to do something about my bad procrastination habit  (even wrote a post about it 🙂 ), the year that I finally completed the 100 Happy Days Challenge (click here, here and here), the year that we started looking for a new house (haven’t found one yet, though), the year that I decided to be more active with my blog which resulted in a great amount of views.

So for my last post of 2017:  Here are my top 5 most popular posts of 2017!

  1. 10 Things Every Relaxed Bride Does 

10 Things every relaxed bride does

2. Bar Botanique @ Amsterdam East

Bar Botanique @Amsterdam East.

3. Matchai Latte: Your New Favourite Fall Drink

Your new favourite drink Matchai Latte

4. PLUK @ Amsterdam Center (9 Streets)

PLUK @ Amsterdam Center (9 Streets)

5. Why I’m Obsessed with Matcha (and you will be too)

Everything you need to know about this miracle worker #matcha #healthy