HET WARENHUIS @ Haarlemmerbuurt, Amsterdam

Getting up early on the weekend is soooooo hard and has never been my strong suit. But I honestly do like the feeling of getting stuff done in the weekends. So to make it less difficult to get up early we have decided to have an incentive. And since I love experiencing new things and new places, we decided to have breakfast at a new place either on Sunday or on Saturday. Of course not both days, because I mean…sleeping in is so much better.

The Food

HET WARENHUIS @ Haarlemmerbuurt, Amsterdam 1

I have only gotten breakfast here, so I’ll only speak on that. The food is very simple and straight forward, nothing special. You get about 4 choices (croissant, eggs, yoghurt and a mix of everything). They have put more effort in their drinks which are good and well presented.

The Decor

HET WARENHUIS @ Haarlemmerbuurt, Amsterdam 6

I would describe the decor as mix between retro (50s/60s) and Scandinavian design. Since it’s set on a corner and they hey have very large windows on both sides; it’s a perfect place for watching people pass by on an afternoon with a chai latte (or a matchai latte perhaps 😉 although I doubt they have that one)

The Service

HET WARENHUIS @ Haarlemmerbuurt, Amsterdam 4
The Giraffe is for sale, I am not 😉

The staff is very friendly and helpful. They have fun in what they do, though the second time we were there, they weren’t the quickest. But that’s easily forgiven since they’re nice 😉


HET WARENHUIS @Haarlemmerstraat, Amsterdam

HET WARENHUIS @ Haarlemmerbuurt, Amsterdam 5

Almost everything you see in Het Warenhuis is for sale. It’s good place to get inspired for your own decor.

Have you ever been to Het Warenhuis? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!