10 Things Every Relaxed Bride Does

So this July I got married; woohoo! (read here all about our engagement)

It truly was one of the happiest days of my life. I felt so happy, relaxed and completely in the moment. I really worked towards trying to be relaxed on our wedding day, but I really never thought I’d be that relaxed. So now I would like to share with you what I think helped me being relaxed on my wedding day.

10 Things every relaxed bride does


1. Get your other half involved

It’s half the battle when he/ she can take on some of the stress/ burden. But it also makes it more fun and it creates a bond. Sometimes it helps to give them a couple of clear tasks.

2. Start planning & organizing really early

Start even earlier than you think you should. There are ALWAYS things that come up that you still have to do (or change) last minute. If that’s the only thing you have to do by that time; it’s all good. But if it comes on top of what you already have on your plate, that’s when that stressfull feeling comes in.

3. Have fun together

Make sure you do enough stuff that’s not wedding related. Afterwards you’ll be more focussed (We went a couple of days to Lisbon and made a pact to not speak about wedding stuff)

4. See the humor in the little things.

This is actually very important. When planning an event together, and you have to make a lot of decisions together, it’s easy to get annoyed with one another.

5. Ask advise not only from your married friends, but also from people that just attended weddings.

What? Yes. You want your guests to have good time or not? They were there as a guest and they can tell you what they thought did or didn’t work for them as guests. Asking advise doesn’t mean you have to incorporate everything.

6. Stick to what you and your partner want. THEN involve your family/ friends a little. This one is really important. People have opinions, A LOT! Keep in mind that those opinions are based on what they would want THEIR wedding to look like. Small details.. this is your wedding and not theirs. However, make sure you give everyone that’s really close to you a ‘role’. Make sure you make them feel important as they are the people who are closest to you.

7. Live by this mantra: “You cannot please everybody“.

Once you’ve really accepted this, it feels freeing and will really help you to not feel stressed over the process or the day. Also, people usually come around in the end.

8. Let it go

There’s a moment in the day where you have to let go of all the organisation, to be able to really realx and fully be in the moment.

9. Make time for just the two of you during the wedding day.

For example, we planned 10 minutes for just the two of us right after the ceremony (to let that happy moment really sink in)This will help you to focus on what’s important and shift your focus to just the two of you (and why you decided to get married in the first place 😉 )

10. Breathe.

Try to have a couple of moments during the day where you are alone (or with your groom). Believe me, those moments will be rare. And try to really savour the moment by breathing really slowly; that will always help you to relax.


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So what are your tips on how to be a relaxed bride on your wedding day?








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