The 100 Happy Days Challenge

Day 1 of #100happydays: The sun finally came out after a rainy day and all was well in the world

So, remember when I said I would start the #100happydays challenge? (see here) 

Well, I didn´t make the challenge. I didn´t even make half the challenge. I already quit on the 23rd day…#loseralert

I guess I was afraid thatpeople thought that food was the only thing that made me happy. Definately not the ONLY thing, but it really really really does make me happy… So now that I don´t give a sh#t what you think anymore, I decided to restart the challenge and to try to break a personal record of 23 days! Laugh all you want, but really is harder than you might tink.

When I subscribed before, I did so via email. That, for me, was a mistake, because I couldn’t really be held accountable. Nobody could ask me why I didn’t post anything yet on a particular day. So this time I decided to take on the challenge via Intagram.   I also tricked my friend, my sister and my husband into doing it as well…

Here’s what to be aware of when you start the  #100happydays challenge

  • You´ll need to make it a habit to feel the feeling of being happy. This probably sounds strange, but sometimes you´ll only know how you really felt when the moment has passed.
  • You´ll need to have your phone/camera on hand at all times…I repeat; AT ALL TIMES
  • You´ll need to have a certain moment in the day when you send out the photos. This will make sure that you´re being consistent

This really is a challenge, but it’s a fun one. And it’s designed to make you feel in the happiness in the little things in your life and like with all things, the more you do it, the more you’ll believe it!


So who’s ready to trick themselves and start being happy? Don’t be a loser and subscribe!


By the way, I was probably hungry when I said I didn´t really gave a sh#t what you thought…I do really care what you think, so please like my posts and follow me on instagram.


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