10 Things To Know When Weddingdress Shopping




Woohoo, you’re getting married!! Now the fun begins… The Dress! Finding a wedding dress is one of the most important things when planning a wedding. Because, hello… it’s all about the bride, isn’t it? ūüėČ

A couple of weeks ago, I went shopping for my own wedding dress. ¬†I must say that I had a great experience and I bought my dress that same day! I know that not everybody is going to have the same¬†¬†experience, but it really helps if you’re a little prepared. ¬†Here are my tips for wedding dress shopping.

  1. Know your budget (and stay within when fitting dresses)
  2. Research shops and make only appointments at shops with your style in their collection
  3. Make your first appointment at least 8 months in advance. Most dresses take about 6 months to arrive at the shop.
  4. Wear a nude strappless bra and underwear that covers a lot
  5. Do your hair the same way as you plan on doing on your wedding. You’ll instantly feel like a bride
  6. Bring heels. As to make your look more like it would on your wedding day.
  7. Bring someone with you, but not too many people (too many opinions ¬†don’t make it easier to make a choice)
  8. Be open to other ideas: It’s good to have an idea in your head on what you want (it’ll make it easier on the salesperson), but make sure you’re still open to other ideas/ other silhouttes
  9. Trust your instinct. I basically chose my dress based on how it made me feel. Plus, the most important thing that day is that you feel beautiful and happy.
  10. Make it a fun day (I made sure to plan a fun lunch in between shops)

Good luck & Have fun!




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