Bar Botanique @ Amsterdam East


On a rainy Sunday afternoon The Portuguese and I were looking for a place to eat. Unable to decide on something, we went from Amsterdam West to Amsterdam North to finally settling on something in Amsterdam East… Luckily we were by car 🙂 I’ve seen some pictures on Instagram of this bar and I thought that it looked so dreamy! I’m talking about Bar Botanique.

The Food

We ordered the ‘Croque Végétarien with harissa’ and the ‘Mackerel Sandwich’; both were really delicious!

After that we had a Latte Machiato, which was probably one of the best I’ve had. The cream was heaven. It could be a little too light for those strong coffee lovers, but those are probably not the people to order a latte.


The Decor

When we entered Bar Botanique, we were immidiately struck by the beauty of all the green; the bar, the walls and the oversized tropical plants are all green. The corners with mismatched loungy chairs were really cute as well.


The Service

They’re were really nice and quick with our orders!



Bar Botanique is the perfect place to get away for a few hours. You’ll truly feel like you’re in another world.