15 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue


15 Questions to ask your Wedding Venue

So after this happened, we started planning…. But where to start?  I started combing through the (fun) jungle that is Pinterest and found very helpful tips and lists. Oh how I love lists! (just look at this one or this one or this one and of course this one)

What to do first, when you get engaged?

  • Decide on an overall budget
  • Choose a theme (be creative!)
  • Make a guest count (necessary for choosing a wedding venue)
  • Choose your venue

What to ask your wedding venue?

  1. Ask to see the plates, tablewear, glasses, linnen, chairs? If it’s not up to your standards you could opt to hire
  2. What time do we have to leave? Usually there’s a limit, especially for the music
  3. Do you have an extra room we can use? Think of a sleeping area for kids or a place to change outfits
  4. Is it easy accesible? By car? And by public transportation?
  5. What staff will be on deck? Is it enough or do you need to hire additional staff?
  6. What’s included in the price? Think personnel, linnen, enough tables and chairs, lighting technician, cleaning costs
  7. Do you allow an outside caterer? If so, how will this cost us anything, and how much? We were set on a certain caterer, so this was a big one for us, since most vendors don’t allow outside catering. Sometimes they do allow an outside caterer, but you have to pay them off.
  8. How many people can you fit in?There’s a big difference between the amount of people sitting down and the amount of people standing (and dancing)
  9. What’s your budget for the venue? This will probably be the most expensive of all 
  10. How much will an additional hour cost? You might feel like partying a little longer
  11. Do you have a cake cutting fee? Although I personally find this a little ridiculous, some venues do have a fee for this, bastards!
  12. How’s the payment for the bar? You can choose to pay in advance per guest or afterwards.
  13. What time can we start decorating? Preferably this will be the night before, but usually it’s on the same day, so it’s important to know from when
  14. What’s the max volume for the music? There’s always a maximum, but sometimes it’s a bit low
  15. What’s your cancellation policy? You don’t want to think about it, but you should anyway


Last but not least:

Can I get a standing ovation for my husband-to-be’s involvement in planning this wedding? Can’t get any better than this!


Have fun planning!






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