The Best of Gorge du Verdon @France



One of my favourite destinations this year was the Gorge du Verdon. It’s a large national park in the south of France and has been called the European Grand Canyon.

There are many activities you can do there, like canoeing or paragliding. But for all these activities there’s a pretty long waiting list of 1.5 to 2 weeks. So make sure to plan your activity ahead of time. We didn’t and we missed out.


I highly recommend hiring a waterbike or a canoe to go up to the canyon. It’s more than worth it! Here are my tips:

  • There are a lot of parking spaces, just keep driving down, you’ll see the possibilities. There is a height maximum when entering the large parking lot.
  • Go very early in the day. It’s a very popular area for French tourists as well, so it can get really busy.
  • Wear swimwear. A lot of people go swimming in the water (even though it’s not really allowed)
  • Bring snacks. Since the wait is so long (we had to wait 1.5 hours), you’ll need some food and water.
  • Bring 1 ID . When they rent out equipment, they will keep your ID and give it back to you when you return the equipment.
  • Bring cash. Probably an obvious one, but we were the losers who forgot and had to drive 15 to 20 minutes to the nearest cashmachie, only to return and haing to wait another 1.5 hours. But we did, ’cause it’s so freakin’ beautiful!

For more information on what to do, check ou this website

Where to stay

We stayed at a little family hotel, Le Relais de Moustier run by an couple with their daughter(s). The hotel isn’t that fancy but the rooms had just been renovated and were modern and very well taken care of.

The hotel was beautifully situated; it seemed to come out of the mountain.  Needless to say that the views were incredible, since we were up so high. Next to our room was a small waterfall.


When we were there they had a band that played old school jazz. Their son-in-law was the singer and the owners were adamant to have a fun evening with all the guests and townspeople; the atmosphere was so nice and the singers voice was so beautiful as well.

Address: Place du Couvert, F04360 Moustiers, Sainte Marie

Where to eat


The first evening , we went out to diner in a nearby village, in one of the best restaurants I had ever been to: l’Actuel. I totally recommend it. We made a reservation around 21.00, but it might be better to either be there earlier in the evening or at lunchtime. Why? Because of the view! You get a view over the Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon, which is a lake on the border of the Gorge du Verdon. Make sure to ask for table on the terras. Btw, the terras is more of a sunroom, with windows all over, so you can leave your sweater at home 🙂

More reasons to visit this restaurant: The food is fantastic, very well presented and very quickly served. The service was impeccable!

l'Actuel Entree

l'Actuel Dessert

Address: Le village,  04500 Sainte Croix du Verdon

Have you ever been to the Gorge? Feel free to share your tips, in the comment section below!