Oh hey…

Bet you thought I fell off a cliff somewhere chasing a Pokémon or something…

Nope still alive.

Well I did take a break and worked a little on the site. So what do you think of the new look?


He did everything right. Thank you for calling my father first, for creating a dreamy-1001-night-environment, for keeping it just the two of us, for choosing a ring so pretty (also; thanks, sis!)and last but not least thank you for surprising me with a pre-wedding holliday to Dubai!!!

Who does that???

My man, that’s who!

So happy and over the moon to continue a life full of laughter and new adventures together!

Engagement Announcement by Kynzah
This was our actual “Save The Date”

In the coming months I will be posting little things here and there about the wedding.

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