The Mother of all Lists

I’m keeping a list. Actually I’m lying. As we speak I’m keeping at least a 9658 lists.

There’s your grocery list, your movie list, your fun things to do list, your restaurant list, your ideas list, your list of things to make lists for list…Still following?

But what’s a collection of lists, without the mother of all lists? The bucketlist? Luckily, I got that one too…

My bucket list consists of small things like ‘milk a cow’ (yeah, really) and bigger things like ‘visit all continents’.

I started this list in the beginning of 2015 and luckily I can say that I have completed a couple of things, like:

  • Start a blog

Well lookie here I wouldn’t be writing this if I hadn’t already started. Also, in my bucketlist, I didn’t specify whether it had to be successfull or not. Nice save there,  my past self.

  • Feeding sharks underwater from a cage

Yeah, that’s right. This was a dream of mine. And (I’m going to reveal my true self here) I always hoped for something to go kind of wrong. Or at least getting an aggressive shark. Allright, I guess I’m officially cray cray. Being under water and being face to face with those fantastic creatures was even better than I could have imagined, albeit the sharks were small-ish, they still would bite off your hand when getting a chance. And to make this even better, something did go wrong! At one point, one of them boys had the idea to stick his entire face full of teeth in the cage and the darn thing got within a couple of centimeters from mine. Well if I weren’t such a lady, I would have shat my pants. But I still would do it again!

  • Taking the ‘Nieuwjaarsduik’

This is a Dutch tradition where people take a plunge in the ocean on New Yearsday. This one was cold as f %#k. It was pretty funny because once I set my mind on taking a whole plunge (some people go just to the knees, but we ain’t no sissies), there was no way back and I ‘swam’ further than everybody else, this was of course before I started hyperventilating and thinking ‘I can’t die like this!’. Needless to say, I won’t be doing this anytime soon.

This year I’m planning on doing other things like archery, see a Cirque du Soleil show, break a bad habit. We’ll see what I actually will do, but it always starts with a list!

But more importantly, what’s on your bucket list?




  1. Good question…maybe I’ll start one of my own! 🙂


    1. kynzah says:

      Curious to know what’s going to be on it 🙂


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