Create a different fall centerpiece

Today was a weird day. More manic really. It was wet, sunny, wet, then sunny again. In the end it was everything at once within 10 minutes; it hailed while the sun was shining….hmmm…weird… or maybe it isn’t. It’s just the Dutch weather. I’m not complaining or anything, I mean it’s November and there was sunshine! But I digress… I wasn’t actually planning on talking about the weather; because what are we, strangers at a boring party?

Since outside it’s so ugh… we need to make inside it’s less ugh… I mean who wants to get up 15 minutes earlier to get her hair did and still arrive at work like a wet poodle on a bad hair day?

One of the ways I try to make it nice, is to make sure the house smells nice. This is a little something my mother used to do. She always tried to be creative with whatever was available and this was one of those creative moments. I really loved the combination of that fresh smell the oranges give off combined with the kind of exotic strong smell of the cloves. The best thing is that it can look pretty too as a an interesting and different centerpiece (for your thanksgiving table?)

Just insert the cloves into the orange in some kind of pattern and enjoy the smell!
(It keeps for some time, but not forever; just go by smell)

For more tips on how to make your house more cozy during the cold months, check out my previous post here.




Tell me your ways to make your house fall/ winter cozy!