Obsessed with…Dita von Teese

As you might have read before in my previous post  I’m a fan of that era where men were men and women were real ladies. That might be an era long lost, some people are committing for 200% to that style.

One of those people is Dita von Teese. If you have never heard of her, let me enlighten you. Dita (whose real name might be better: Heather Sweet) is a Burlesque dancer living in this day and age. To me she is the epitome of style. Her commitment to glamour is astonishing. She is one of those women you never see with a hair out of place, or make up undone. Her nails are always done red in the halfmoon style.  Her hair fluctuates between 1940 and 1950. Her lips are always red. And of course the birthmark is always in place.

Above all I admire her realness and confidence

And come on, look at those clothes!

Red Carpet




The on- point hat game









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