Best Halloween Costumes


As you might know, or read, I live in Amsterdam, that’s in Holland by the way, not the other way around (just a little dig to all those geographically challenged people out there). We don’t celebrate Halloween here. There is an equivalent to it, but it’s called

‘carnaval’ and it’s in february/ march. The common ground is that people dress up and be silly, oh and it lasts from Friday to Tuesday: partypeople; whatup! The most important part is that it’s only celebrated in the southern region, where I’m originally from and where all the fun people come from #noshade

But since I do love me some dress up and there are more and more Halloween parties here, I decided to write a post in hopes of inspiring you and myself

Note to self: learn from earlier mistakes and don’t trty to sew a whole costume the night before as usual….


Easy and sweet

Artsy Fartsy


Best Celebrity Costumes

Impressive Halloween Make up

Scared %&tless