10 Ways to avoid the winter blues

10 ways to avoid the winter blues1. Clean and organize your house. It will help you stay calm and serene.

2. Get some flowers. Who doesn’t love flowers? It also means that you’re taking care of yourself, when you gift yourself someting, like flowers.

3.Light candles all over the house. Can’t be sad with candles.

4.Bake something sweet. The smell of baking is said to give a happy and homy feel.

5.Laugh. Laugh a lot. laugh even more. Laughter is contagious for you and for people around you and it’s also great for the immune system! These crack me up: Kevin Hart, Ellen Degeneres.

6. See your friends. Don’t have any? Get some!Talking to other people really helps to elevate your spirit.

7. Exercise! This improves your seratonin levels. In other words: it will make you feel happy.

8. Be nice to strangers. You’ll (usually) get it back and in return this will make you want to return the favor and so will they: The circle is complete.

9. Get some sunlight or vitamin D. This does wonders for your skin and you’ll be happier.

10. Eat the right things: These foods are said to make you feel more energized and happy: berries, omega 3 fatty acids, berries, dark chocolate.





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