How to start your mornings right

You might have read before that I am not really a morning person. I’d like to be, but I’m not. I probably fall in the category afternoon person. Does that exist? I do like to be up in the mornings though, once I’m up. The moment before the getting up part is horrible to me.

Because of my difficulties of getting up and being ok with that, I’m always looking for ways to make my mornings more enjoyable. I’ve compiled a list.

There’s been written a lot about the best morning routines. I won’t tell you that I have the best routine here. I’ve compiled a list of things morning people do, to start their days the best way possible.

Start the night before

  • Set the table for breakfast

How to have a great morning.

  • Lay out work out gear

Work out gear
  • Prepare outfit of the day


In the morning:

  • Wake up earlier. You’ll have more time to mentally and phisically wake up.


  • Take a really deep breath the moment you wake up. You’ll instant feel more relaxed.


  • Think happy thoughts. This might seem silly. But if you don’t believe in the secret of projecting happy thoughts into the universe, It could never hurt to kind of trick yourself into being happy in the moment


  • Stretch! Make sure your body is ready for the day. Just 5 minutes is enough.


  • Take a warm shower with some great smelling showergel. It might be something you’ll look forward too and you’ll smell great the rest of the day.


  • Don’t check your Phone or other electronic devices.


  • Drink warm water with lemon. This will jumpstart your metobolism and you’ll get a good amount of Vitamin C.  Apparenty it relieves you from toxins as well, which makes for good skin. Oooh I’ll have some.


  • Eat breakfast. There was a time I had breakfast religiously and I never felt cravings during the day. Having a full breakfast will also jumpstart your metobolism.


  • Exercise! It’s great for you at anytime of the day, but when you do this in the morning you’ll feel extra great, because first of all you probably did something you weren’t looking forward to and at the same time you’ ll get more energized throughout the rest of your day.



At the office

  • Make a to do list for the rest of the day. I looooove me some to do lists…


  • Don’t check your email in the first hour of work. Do real work first.


  • Eat the frog: do something your’re least excited about: get it over with and be proud you did the rest of the day!


Good luck with your new routine!


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