My easy recipe for healthy date snacks

A little over a month ago I threw a little housewarming. The house was already warm since I had already moved in months before, but still.

I actually never throw parties, it’s such a hassel sometimes. Also, the attention; not really a fan…Still, I threw one and I enjoyed it. So I decided to make it really easy on myself and only serve food I could prepare well in advance; to have less hassel the day of the party.  This meant I nixed warm or fried food and anything that needed an oven.

Instead I served the following: Tabouleh (Lebanese couscous salad), Tunisian tajine (not to be confused with the Moroccan tajine. Our tajine has more in common with a quiche. there might be a recipe in the works), lots of cheeses and crackers, fruit salad, olives, vegetables with a greek yoghurt dip. But the star of the party were these date based snacks.

And since a lot of people asked me for the recipe; here it is!

It's a date! My easy recipe for healthy date snacks.



  • Dates, pitted                          : About 30
  • Oatmeal                                  : 10 tablespoons
  • Coconibs                                 : 4 tablespoons
  • Vanilla extract                       : 1 Tablespoon
  • Cinnamon                               :1 Tablespoon
  • Ground Coconutsnippers    : 5 tablespoons
  • A little water                           : 1 tablespoon

Cut the dates in small pieces.

It's a date! My easy recipe for healthy date snacks.

Combine the dates with the rest of the ingredients

It's a date! My easy recipe for healthy date snacks.

Add just a little bit of water ; about 1 tablespoon and mix everything together with a wooden spoon.  Make small ‘balls’ around the size of a wallnut. Then roll them in some water (to make the ground coconut stick) and after that in some ground dried coconut.

It's a date! My easy recipe for healthy date snacks.

Tips/ Advice

  • When you buy dates you have to make sure you check the inside when depitting. Sometimes they’re not that clean.
  • In my previous recipe I used fresh orange juice instead of water, but if you need to keep them a little longer, I would advise you to use water. If you’re planning on eating them within a couple of days, you can use orange juice; it’ll give it a little extra zing.
  • You can keep them in the fridge for a pretty long time.