Why hammam towels are your best friends

Hamam beach towel


Sunlotion, flipflops, something to read, something to drink, something to eat, a change of clothes, other shoes, housekeys, phone, wallet and if there’s room you’ll need to fit a towel as well…Well let me make your beachday a little easier.

When I was little I grew up using Hamamtowels (or Fouta as I’ve known them) as what they were; a towel for after a hamamvisit (not that I went that often) But my smart mama had the briljant idea to use them as beachtowels. This was a better option than normal beachtowels because:

  • They’re much lighter in weight: perfect when travelling
  • The sand dosn’t stick, because of the fabric
  • They’re less bulky which means more space for other stuff
  • They dry really really quickly
  • They can multitask as a cover up
  • Or a picnic blanket

Now after reading this, why would you still go for a beach towel? Buy them here