The Royal Quickie

The Royal Quickie: a Healthy and yummy prepare ahead breakfast

If you’re anything like me and snooze at least 4 times every morning testing your limits to the least minutes you’ll need to get out the door looking decent. My record must be 10 minutes, but that was when I was 5 minutes late. So actually that time, it didn’t work either. Honestly, those 5 ‘extra’ minutes are always calculated, even

when I try to trick myself by setting the clock 5 minutes ahead. You can call me the queen of 5 minutes late. Actually just queen will do fine.  Here’s a breakfast recipe for all those 5 minutes late kings and queens, it’s one that you can prepare ahead the night before and will cost you no time in the morning at all. I shall call it “The Royal Quickie”, no pun intended.


  • Chia Seed (4 tablespoons)
  • Oatmeal (4 to 6 tablespoons)
  • Coconut milk (1 can; I used the low-fat version)
  • Coconibs (2 tablespoons)
  • Agave syrup (2 tablespoons, add more to taste)
  • Vanilla extract (2 teaspoons)
  • Ground cinnamon (2 teaspoons)

Mix the coconut milk with the chia seeds and the oatmeal well. Add the coconibs, cinnamon, vanilla extract. Add agave syrup to taste. Leave overnight in the fridge. Bring to work, eat it in front of your colleagues and make them jealous with your The Royal Quickie.

Health benefits of used ingredients

  • Cinnamon: This very easy prepare-ahead-breakfast is choc full of health benefits and will fill you up until your next yummy lunch.
  • Chia seed; As small as it is, this tiny seed contains a lot of healthy stuff like; calcium (important for those of us who don’t consume much dairy)antioxidants, fibers, a lot of protein. You can also use them to thicken a certain substance like a sauce (they multiply in thickness when adding water)
  • Oatmeal: Eating oatmeal regularly can lower cholesterol, contains lots of fiber, stabilizes blood sugar, boosts immune system. Oh and it’s very cheap too
  • Coconut milk: provides lauric acid which is converted in the body into monolaurin, an antiviral and antibacterial that destroys a wide variety of disease causing organisms. It is therefore now thought that consumption of coconut milk may help protect the body from infections and viruses
  • Coco nibs: You’ve probably heard of the benefits of eating dark chocolate. Well, this is the even better option. Eating coco nibs is practically like eating the cocobean itself. They contain of lots of antioxidants, flavonoids (can function as a uv filter), fiber, magnesium. Keep in mind to not overuse them, the taste is very bitter.
  • Agave syrup: a naturally sweetened sweetner which makes it better than sugar. It’s also 1.5 times sweeter than sugar, which means you can use less of it.
  • Cinnamon: Full of antioxidants, has anti inflammatory properties, can lower cholesterol, lowers blood Sugar levels, helps fight bacterial and fungal infections

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